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Listen Up! You Will be Hacked Even If You’re PCI Compliant

If you think for some crazy reason your business is too small, too obscure, or simply just too uninteresting to be of any value to a busy hacker, be prepared for a rude awakening. The one thing the all of the recent major data breaches had in common is that all the businesses involved were probably PCI compliant. And it was still no guarantee.

There has been a seemingly endless parade of massive data breaches in just the last few weeks, including UPS, Dairy Queen, Community Health, Apple’s iCloud, the 1,000 businesses the FBI said were just hacked, and, oh yes, the suspicion that Home Depot just suffered a data breach even bigger than Target’s.

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PCI Compliance Could Be The Best Christmas Gift For Your Business – And Your Customers

giftData has always been a currency for crooks but, now more than ever, personal data has become a hot commodity for everyone from petty identity thieves to major organized crime. And one of the easiest ways to get this kind of information is from websites just like yours.

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Spread Cheer or Spread Infection This Holiday Season. The Choice is Yours.

If you really love your customers (and who doesn’t?), then the last thing you want to give them when they visit your website is an infection, right? But that’s exactly what you could be doing if you haven’t taken measures to prevent your website from becoming a malware watering hole.

A watering hole, or water hole, is a website with vulnerabilities that hackers take advantage of to plant malware. The idea is that the malware simply lies in wait until someone visits your website, and if that someone is not using protection, he or she will find their computer or smartphone infected with that malware.

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The Value of a Website Security Seal

Website security seals are ultimately about improving two things – trust and sales. And without the first, the second won’t follow. Small businesses with little-known brands always have a tough time persuading new customers that they’re a safe place to do business. And not only that orders will be honored and delivered as promised, but that the site itself is safe. That’s because unsafe sites can be a death-knell for customer trust and confidence, and perhaps even for the business.

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PCI Compliance – Embrace it, before it cashes you out

pci complianceIf you own a small business and you take credit cards and you’ve never heard of PCI, be afraid. If you own a small business and you’ve heard of PCI but you don’t think it’s important enough for you to comply with, be very afraid. If you’re a small business owner and you’re supposed to be PCI compliant and when you have a data breach it’s discovered that you’re not compliant, you’d better have very deep pockets.

There are millions of small business merchants in the U.S., and while every small business that accepts credit cards has to comply in some way with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), many observers believe that most small businesses are still not in compliance. Even though the rules have been in place for more than eight years.

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